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Start Your Journey with Men's Shoes at Foot Locker

They say that you can tell a lot about a man from his shoes. These days, men are often trying to match their outfit with the right pair of men's shoes, men's sneakers or men's trainers. The idea goes that men don't put as much time and thought into it as the fairer sex. Yet the modern man scoffs in the face of such age-old tropes, knowing that there is no reason not to rock a new level of cool at the same time as being practical with a pair of trendy men's sneakers.

The Best in Men's Casual Sneakers and Shoes

Wearing a set of casual and trendy men's shoes doesn't have to make you look like you haven't made an effort. Modern men's shoes or even men's sneakers can complete many different outfits including smart casual ensembles and even the right kind of suit. Our selection includes subtle items such as the Nike Cortez men's sneakers. If you are looking to maximize freedom and all-out comfort, we also host a range of high-end flip-flops from top men's shoes brands such as Lacoste.

Basketball's Best Shoes for Men

The best sneakers for men on the basketball court suit your particular style of play. Are you a long-range shooter or do you like to take it into the key? Our selection of the very best men's trainers for basketball will allow you to tailor your choice and enable you to get more out of your personal game. With our broad selection of men's sneakers for the court, whether you are into dunks, aces or goals, you'll find what you need right here on Foot Locker.

Men's Shoes Designed for the Outdoor

Sometimes it is time to leave the indoors behind and strike out into the great beyond. When that day comes, you'll want the men's trainers from some of the best men's shoe brands out there to get you through the very toughest terrain. Our selection of outdoor men's boots and men's trainers include fashion-forward items from the likes of Timberland and Vans. While they are designed with rough terrain in mind, that is not to say that these men's shoes don't also look great as a fashion item walking down the street - try stepping into the office in some stylish men's trainers next Monday.

The Best Men's Sneakers Brands for Skating

The canvas men's trainers and skate shoes began in the seventies as an item reserved for members of a unique skateboarding subculture. It has since made the leap into popular fashion and we now offer a broad range of men's trainers that anyone can wear, made by everyone from Vans, to Converse, Adidas and Nike.

Choose Your Way with Top Brand Men's Shoes for Every Occasion

Whether you looking to buy men's trainers to wear to the office, men's sneakers as a comfortable easy-on shoe for around the house, or something durable to take on a hike, you'll find it right here at Foot Locker. Our passion is to deliver quality, men's branded trainers without compromising on variety. We understand every shoe tells a story, one that is partly about where he's walked. Get ready to write your own story with the wide range of men's shoes, men's sneakers and men's trainers at Foot Locker.

Men Shoes